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How We Can Benefit your Valencia Business!

Are you a Medical Office?

  • All New Employees Work With A lead Custodian For 6 Months
  • Your Client Manager Does Regular Unannounced Visits
  • Your Client Manager Will Know Your Business
  • We Are Local. We Are Not A Large “Out-Of-Town Company”

Are you a Credit Union?

  • All New Employees work with a lead Custodian for 6 Months
  • Your Client Manager does regular Unannounced Visits
  • Your Client Manager will know your Business
  • We are Local. We are not a Large “Out-Of-Town Company”

Are you another type of Business?

  • Your Client Manager Will Know Your Business
  • We Are Local. The Big Companies Will Not Give You Personal Service.
  • We Use Vacuums With HEPA Filters And Filter The Air As We Clean
  • We Support Local Non-Profit Charities
  • We Use Green Cleaning Methods!

Are you a Church?

  • We Do What We Say We Will Do
  • We Follow All State And Federal Laws
  • Our Custodians Are Systematically Trained
  • We Clean Large Buildings With Low Frequency Properly

Are you a Auto Dealership?

  • We Buy Over $10,000 Of Supplies And Give You Bulk Purchase Savings
  • Your Client Manager Checks Your Building Regularly And Makes Sure You Are Happy
  • All Problems Are Addressed In One Hour And Corrected In 24 Hours
  • We’re Local. Don’t Choose The “Big Out-Of-Town Companies”
  • All New Employees Work With A Lead Custodian Before Doing Their Job Alone

We have provided Janitors to Valenca for 22 Years!

Commercial Cleaning Services in Velenca

When your business has a clean and attractive appearance, you’ll find that not only do you impress those that walk through the front doors, but employees are more productive when surrounded by a clean and organized environment. Our commercial cleaning services in Velenca will leave that lasting impression that you;ll be proud of because we pay attention to detail and get in all of the nooks and crannies of your building whether it’s an office or a medical facility. We pride ourselves in leaving customers completely satisfied and with a price that is affordable.

Daily and Weekly Services That Leave Your Office Shining

Our commercial cleaning service in Velenca can be performed daily, weekly, bi-annually, or whatever schedule will work for your business and their particular needs. We handle everything from the dusting, wiping, vacuuming, and beyond. We get both and low and high to ensure that every area is clean, and we don’t leave until our job is complete. We value our customers and treat them with respect when they enlist our janitorial services in Velenca because we know how frustrating it is to walk into an incomplete job, or when someone doesn’t show up when they say they will. We take the guesswork out of the office cleaning service in Velenca so that you can enjoy working in a pleasant space.

A Janitorial Service in Velenca That Is a Step Above the Rest

We always aim to go above and beyond, and that’s why we offer those deep cleaning services like commercial carpet cleaning in Velenca. In our daily and weekly cleaning, we’ll spot clean areas like the carpet. However, many offices will have heavy foot traffic that will start to create a dingy and unattractive appearance. We’ll deep clean this areas that demand yearly or bi- annual attention. We also perform commercial window cleaning in Velenca for both the outside and inside of your space.


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Our janitorial company in Velenca is excited to help customers save money and we do that by buying cleaning supplies in bulk and keeping payroll services inexpensive. Our office cleaning services in Velenca use the most effective and productive techniques to ensure that they get the job done thoroughly and promptly. If you’re looking for office cleaning companies in Velenca that show up on time and ready to work, then call today for a quote!