Commercial Cleaning Services 

Hiring a commercial cleaning service is a smart move when you want to make the most of your space and leave a positive impression on people that come to your work area. Whether you need a medical facility properly cleaned or you have a conference room that needs daily care, our crew will handle your space with respect. We’re diligent in our commercial cleaning services because we know how important it is to keep it productive and disinfected. Our skillset is long and we can provide you with commercial window cleaning services, as well as making sure your bathroom is always presentable.

Our premium commercial cleaning services

One reason that our commercial cleaning service has an edge on the competition is because we extensively and continually train our crew. We use state of the art techniques and equipment, and stay at the forefront of the industry to ensure you’re getting the most innovative and proven cleaning methods applied. Our janitorial company focuses on avoiding common mistakes that can be disruptive, and our supervisors inspect the site to periodically to ensure that attention to detail is being paid and you’re getting consistent and quality cleaning services. If an emergency occurs and you need a immediate cleaning services, we’ll provide these at no additional charge.

Our expectations and commitment to excellence

Whether you require commercial carpet cleaning or your office equipment needs to be dusted daily, we’re committed to the job. Our office cleaning companies set the bar high so you’re your expectations are exceeded. For over two decades, our janitorial services have grown due to our dedication to customers, the industry, and our training. Our Janitorial services are insured and professional, and you’ll appreciate that we always treat you and your office with complete respect. Don’t let just anyone provide office cleaning services, make sure you go with experts!

Contact us today about our affordable pricing!

Our cost is affordable and that’s very important to us for all tasks whether they are necessary bi-annually like commercial window cleaning or they come daily like vacuuming and emptying the trash. We’ve learned over their years that we can save you money by making smart decisions that apply to our office cleaning service. One way we do this is to buy supplies in large quantities for our janitorial service so the cost is smaller, and then we pass those savings on to you! Learn more today by calling us for a quote.

How we can Benefit your business!

Are you a Medical Office?

  • Our Cleaners Are In Compliance With OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Regulations!
  • We Use A 3 Sector Flat Mopping Procedure To Stop Cross Contamination
  • We Use 4 Stage Filtration – HEPA Vacuums That Filter The Air As We Clean
  • Our Employees Have A $25,000 Honesty Bond And $3,000,000 In Liability Insurance

Are you a Credit Union?

  • All New Employees Work With A lead Custodian For 6 Months
  • Your Client Manager Does Regular Unannounced Visits
  • Your Client Manager Will Know Your Business
  • We Are Local. We Are Not A Large “Out-Of-Town Company”

Are you another type of Business?

  • Your Client Manager Will Know Your Business
  • We Are Local. The Big Companies Will Not Give You Personal Service.
  • We Use Vacuums With HEPA Filters And Filter The Air As We Clean
  • We Support Local Non-Profit Charities
  • We Use Green Cleaning Methods!

Are you a Church?

  • We Do What We Say We Will Do
  • We Follow All State And Federal Laws
  • Our Custodians Are Systematically Trained
  • We Clean Large Buildings With Low Frequency Properly

Are you a Auto Dealership?

  • We Buy Over $10,000 Of Supplies And Give You Bulk Purchase Savings
  • Your Client Manager Checks Your Building Regularly And Makes Sure You Are Happy
  • All Problems Are Addressed In One Hour And Corrected In 24 Hours
  • We’re Local. Don’t Choose The “Big Out-Of-Town Companies”
  • All New Employees Work With A Lead Custodian Before Doing Their Job Alone

Great Service at a Great Price

QCS Building Services, Inc. has been saving our clients money by providing great cleaning services at a low price, for two decades. We presently maintain over 1,000,000 Sq.Ft. of facilities in over 75 buildings, providing day cleaners, floor crews, and team cleaning crews for all building sizes.

We use 21st Century cleaning methods and equipment to increase our production rates, while maintaining a high level of cleanliness. Because we have over $500,000 in payroll our payroll costs are the lowest in the industry. We buy over $10,000 of paper supplies and chemicals, which allows us to pass bulk sales prices along to all of our customers.

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The Commercial Cleaning Experts
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Our Certifications
PUC Clearinghouse certifies Woman Owned Business Enterprises. QCS Building Services Inc. is a Certified Woman Owned Business Enterprise. 

As a member of BSCAI (Building Service Contractor Associatioin, International) we have access to support information. Their training materials help us maintain a well trained work force. To find out more about BSCAI go to

Our California Retail Sells License allows us to buy bathroom supplies from 5 different suppliers and sell to our clients at a discount. We shop for the lowest prices for you. Then we inventory and deliver to your building FREE. Invoices are billed as one detailed invoice with your Monthly Billing.


Butchers Company has helped us with Systematic Janitorial Training in Spanish and English. Their handouts and training materials are above average in the field of Janitorial Cleaning. To find out more about Butchers go to

We Provide Full Janitorial Services